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What is your Pricing?

Please refer to our "pricing" under the "information" tab.

How many photographers will be at our wedding?

Prestige-Photos operates with two photographers on your Wedding Day.

Is a female photographer available?

Yes. Irene is Prestige-Photos second photographer.

Do you have back-up equipment in case something happens?

Yes. There is enough stuff happening on your day without you having to worry about our equipment. So we make sure we have back-up equipment on hand should anything happen. Also, we shoot with equipment that records of every one of your pictures to two memory cards at once.

How long does it take to receive the pictures after the Engagement or Wedding shoot?

Prestige-Photos does not sacrifice quality for time. That said, it typically takes three to four weeks after an Engagement Shoot* and six to eight weeks after a Wedding Shoot. During peak periods, extra time may be required.

* We can make special accommodations for a faster turn-around time for your Engagement Photos should your Wedding Day be shortly thereafter. Please contact us for how we can help.

Who owns the rights to the pictures?

Prestige-Photos are the photographers, however, you own the pictures and can post them or print them anywhere you like.


Of course, the best way to answer all your questions is to meet us. Please use our contact tab or send us an email at